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Step By Step Guide To Legit Online Jobs

If you are interested in Legit Online Jobs, you have probably already read lots of reviews here and there on the internet. I'm not here to give you yet another review. Instead I'll just say that Legit Online Jobs is great and give you a step by step guide to how you get started using it.

First you do of course need to write some ads. There are an unbelievable number of companies out there who will pay you commission if you can send them customers or leads. It's not uncommon that companies have commission rates of 10% or more and that they might pay for example $100 for some good leads.

When you have written your ads, you need to get them shown on the Internet. Legit Online Jobs explains how to do this, so I'll not copy it here (there is no need starting a fight with their lawyers...).

Sometimes you are lucky and your ads will get lots of visitors without requiring any additional work, but most often you need to help it get some exposure. You can do this by submitting it to Google or link to it from other websites. Legit Online Jobs doesn't go into that much detail here, but you also just need to know that it's a good idea to submit it to Google and link to it from other websites (which will improve it's position in the Google search results).

That's actually it. You have written your ads and they start getting exposure. Soon you will have sent your first customer to a company, so be ready to receive your first check!

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