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Are You A Rude Customer?

Interesting question. In my line of work during one of my day jobs I talk to very many different types of customers. I appreciate when a customer, even in a time of stress or difficulties, is patient and respectful. I have experienced plenty of customers who scream, yell, and are even insulting. Some customers believe yelling and screaming will get them faster service. It is quite the opposite, customer service agents will be less willing to help you out if they feel you are attacking them. I often questions myself when I see a rude customer in a retail store, how can they be that way? I see customers screaming at young cashiers, because their coupon expired and they cannot use it anymore. Things like that are completely the customer’s fault, yet they cannot take the blame.

Consumers really are spoiled here in the United States. In other countries the customer is not always right. I am always very courteous with customer service representatives, because it is not directly their fault when something goes wrong. If you treat people with respect and give them your patience, you will receive better service. When you give off a negative attitude, then you will receive only negativity back. I understand it is easy to get upset, especially if the situation has to do with something dear to you…like money : ) We really have to hold back, take a breath, and just be nice. I have called some companies and have been giving horrible service, but I realize if I am rude to the person, nothing will change.

There is a difference between being stern and concerned from being demanding and confronting. Plus the more mad you get, the more stressed out you will be. I feel bad when I see such a high strung customer yelling at a customer service representative. The customer looks so unhappy, and I get very happy that I am not them. Honestly, do not be a mad/rude customer, and you will receive better service. Sometimes yelling and screaming can produce results, but often those same results can be had by just being a nice and respectful person. Quit being rude and be happier!

Alejandro Diaz is a happy and successful person who provides free advice at http://www.FreeEcstasy.com Learn happiness. Learn success.

Source: www.isnare.com