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Billings Montana with an RV Parking Rule?

Billings MT apparently has seen an increase in RV Parking over the last decade and now they have made an ordinance about overnight RV parking limiting the RV’ers to 10-hours. Originally, they wanted it to be six hours. What is interesting about all this is that Billings, MT is really a run down city and unemployment is high, water supplies are low and crime is up.

The town is filled with drug users doing crystal meth and the cops cannot seem to stop it. When we stopped we talked to one police officer who said for everyone one drug house they close two more pop up. Why is this interesting news?

Well, consider a city, which is along a major US Freeway like Billings MT, which does not want tourist dollars to come into town. Fine, we can skip that run down city, just as well, who wants an unemployed Citgo Refinery worker on Crystal Meth to break in and steal anything?

Imagine if you will the Citgo Refineries closing in Billings MT, which has one of the highest unemployment rates currently in the United States. There goes a whole bunch more high paying jobs and now you want to kick out the tourists too?

Believe me very few tourists would bother flying into Billings MT international airport, if you can even call it that? You know when the word gets around that RV’ers are not welcome in Billings, MT you watch all those tourist dollars move to Great Falls, Bozeman, MT and Sheridan, WY and never come back?

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Source: www.articlecity.com