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Springfield the Capital of Illinois

Here I offer some reasons why I Love Springfield, Illinois and the reasons why you visit this place. I cannot claim Springfield as my true hometown, but having lived a large part of my life in this town, so I consider it my hometown. There are many reasons why I make this claim; the first of course is its people. The makeup of the Capital city of Illinois is much like our country, but there seems to be a friendliness that I have rarely seen anywhere else I have lived. This is a city of history, a city of growth, and a city of change.

Springfield has been in the news lately as the debate in the Simpsonís TV show over which Springfield they live in. We all know that it is Illinois, because we have seen Homer around town. There have also been a large number of people coming here to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. This place opened in 2004 and has been attracting thousands of new visitors. This has only complimented all the rest of the Lincoln historical sites. We have Lincolnís home, his tomb, and just about everything else in Lincolnís life, except the place where he was actually born. A new visitor to our city should allow at least three days seeing all the landmarks located in Springfield, most which are easily accessible by walking.

There is the somewhat lesser know famous things, like the home of the Corn Dog and the Horseshoe Sandwich, and the un-official Chili Capital of the Civilized World. Located on the famous Route 66, Springfield has always embraced its historical travel sites, such as the Cozy Dog Restaurant, and the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop. Also near Springfield is the community of New Salem, where Lincoln lived as a young man. A dark side of Springfield history is the starting place of the Donner Family, which ended in a horrible story of human cannibalism.

Since it is the state capital of Illinois, the economy of Springfield is also less affected by downturns in the markets. This has allowed city to have a slow but steady growth for many years. While other cities in Illinois have seen much more economic rises and falls. It has also lead to a more diversified community that hosts representatives from all over the state. One of those representatives was Barak Obama who is currently running for President of the United States; in fact he announced his intention for office in the shadow of the Old State Capitol in downtown Springfield. This event could also be similar to when President-elect Abraham Lincoln made his famous farewell speech to the residents of this town at the train station. A cross road of America, Springfield has earned its place in history, separating itself from the many other Springfieldís in the USA.

We also are home to the Illinois State Fair that has one largest agricultural displays on our country, and features many famous entertainment acts each August.

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