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Customer Service in Your Work at Home Business

Customer service is not just an abstract concept that business professionals like to throw at you. It is a tried and true way for you to keep your customers returning. If you follow these 6 general rules, you can significantly improve customer service in your work at home business and keep those clients coming back for more.

Customer Service Rule #1: Keep your bad day locked away. Everyone has those days where the world can do no right. However, your mood has no place in your conversations with clients. Force yourself to put on a pleasant demeanor with clients.

Customer Service Rule #2: Return your phone calls. Most customers will call you once, especially if they have never had any other contact with your company. If you do not call that person back, you have lost a potential client. Since you have a work at home business, it is likely the phone will be your primary point of contact, so be sure to call clients back.

Customer Service Rule #3: Ask before you put the customer on hold. No one likes to be put on hold, and no matter how great your on hold music or messages may be, you should always ask before you put a client on hold. It is just a common courtesy. Also, if you have call waiting, try to minimize how much you use it.

Customer Service Rule #4: Use general courtesies often. Remember to say “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome,” often. Many clients respond to these common courtesies.

Customer Service Rule #5: Avoid using too much jargon when talking to clients. Not every client that calls you understands “industry speak,” and it is rude to think that they do. Make sure you speak in terms anyone can understand until you know that the client has a good grasp of industry jargon.

Customer Service Rule #6: Do not have side conversations while you are on the phone with the client. This means setting rules with the others in your household, so that you are not interrupted while on the phone with one of your clients. If a customer feels ignored, your work at home business might be ignored by the client.

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