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Seattle Airport Hotels

Airport hotels at the Seattle Tacoma (Sea Tac) Airport, Seattle do a roaring business through excellent service to air travelers and other visitors to the city. A busy airport with an average of 28,804,554 air passengers a year, it contributes more and more to the hospitality market in and around Seattle. If the hotels in the other parts of Seattle specialize in luxury and style, the city’s airport hotels focus on traveler comfort for air passengers passing Seattle.

The Best Value Airport Inn is intent on pleasing the customer and ensuring that he has an enjoyable stay in Seattle. It has 50 guest rooms and a free shuttle service to the airport at all times of the day and night. The hotel has an exclusive airport parking package that allows the guest to use the hotel guest room for a night and park his vehicle for seven days.

If you are looking for comfortable, clean accommodation next to the Sea Tac Airport, you can get it at the La Hacienda Motel. This motel has standard single and double occupancy as well as kitchenette rooms and suites. While it is quite close to the airport and other main centers of Seattle, this comes with the attraction of affordability. Night parking is free for people who check in and the average room rent is only $65 dollars for a day. This includes wireless internet access and complementary breakfasts just like any other star hotel in the area.

But if you would rather not give up the luxury of a grand hotel, but need to stay near the airport, you can stay at the Clarion Hotel Seattle Airport. You can use their 24-hour transportation to the airport and nearby shopping malls. All the rooms have cable TV, air conditioning and voice mail apart from coffee makers and ironing facilities. You can also avail the opportunity to use the hotel amenities like beauty parlor and barber shop, heated pool indoors and multi cuisine restaurant.

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