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Assessing Web Hosting Companies Technical Support Capabilities

As a general practice all web hosting companies promise a 24 X 7 technical support system, while only a small percentage of these companies happen to meet these requirements effectively. your online presence is important and before you square down on a hosting company its important that you look into the various facets on this industry and the norms that a good hosting company should follow.

Having a smooth enquiry management system: The base for being able to offer good technical support depends largely on the enquiry management system. If something goes wrong with your website, you need to get in touch with the technical support department. The process of filing and tracking a support request needs to be evaluated. The following are some parameters one can look into to gauge a companies enquiry management system.

  • Does the company a help management desk where are the support tickets are logged and can the progress be monitored by the client.
  • What is the response time of the support request.
  • Does the company offer phone support and do the timings suit your requirements.
Assessing the technical expertise of the company:

It is a fact that the support system will be as good as their technical expertise. ensuring that the people behind the support system are knowledgeable enough to hit the nail on the head and are able to sort the problems very quickly. This aspect of the company needs to be well analysed. One should call up the technical support department and talk to them to see and analyse their technical expertise.

Support Documentation and Tutorials:

It has been noticed that focused and experts hosting companies offer their clients with various documents to offer documented support system as a layer. This is often witnessed in the form of:

  • online Hosting tutorials
  • Flash based control panel tutorials
  • Knowledge base of frequently asked questions.
If the hosting company in question falls short on any of the parameters you should reconsider and look for another hosting company.

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