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Where is the Service in ISP?

I'm writing this article with several National Internet Service Provider pages in front of me. To name a few they are: Juno--$9.95, Justdialup--$8.95, Netzero--$9.95, PeoplePC--10.95, Netscape--$9.95 and more. What I'm looking for is the service in service provider.

The term on-line support is used a lot in the Internet trade. What exactly that means is simple, write an e-mail to get help. Chat on-line live with someone in India is also available.

What about real support. You know the old fashion way, talk to someone. Just pick up the phone and call. Wow what a concept. It's almost analog like using a pencil. I can feel the terror building in all the geeks. Actually talk to a customer? BRRRR sends a chill down the technical spine.

Where is the support in this market? All providers have telephone tech support. Some in the U.S. and most outside of it. The portion of providers charging an outrageous fee per minute in telephone tech support has sky rocketed.

I've read the fine print and only two of the above have free telephone tech support. Read for yourself and decide. The time you spend in your search will be well worth it in the end.

Don't ever spend $1.95 per minute!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robb_Johansen