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Posture Supports - Do You Need Them?

First we need to clarify what you are hoping this posture support will do for you. Somewhere in our minds, "posture support" or "posture aid" has become "posture corrector." There's nothing wrong with searching the internet looking for things to improve your posture. I, for one, applaud your efforts! However, if you are looking for a "quick-fix" to years of postural damage, you are not going to find it with a support.

The good news is you don't need to spend an equal amount of time undoing the damage that took hours, days and years to accomplish. You'll need to work on improving your posture with exercise, but posture supports can be very helpful.

When driving, many care seats do not come with adequate lumbar support. It is a huge task to ask automakers to come up with a lumbar support to accommodate every shape and size of person. Some of your high-end vehicles have lumbar support that is adjustable and may suit your needs. However, there are plenty of products available (and some you can make on your own) to take care of helping you remember to sit up straight and support the normal curve of your low back while driving.

A simple low back support can work wonders in this task. If you have no idea what is a good size for you, start small. My patients are told to use a small hand towel, roll it up, and put rubber bands around it. Place it in the small of your low back. It's not going to stay in place unless you maintain good posture, and it can easily be put away if you don't like the looks of it sitting in your seat all day. You can move up to bigger towels and you don't have to use the entire towel to gather low back support. When sleeping, pillows work as great posture supports.

If you sleep on your back, a pillow under your knees will take a lot of pressure of your low back. When sleeping on your side, a pillow between your knees takes a tremendous amount of pressure of your hips. The key when working with any of these posture supports is keeping them in place while you're using them. In sleep, I've found the big "body pillows" to be very useful.

Other products that strap to your leg are available, if not very attractive. The body pillow works well and is very comfortable along with helping your shoulder position when sleeping on your side. Body pillows are also inexpensive and easy to use. Too many products require extended adjustment periods to get used to, allowing you to get regular use out of them. Not with the body pillow. I would imagine that within the first couple of days that you'll wonder how you've ever slept without one.

The body pillow is also very helpful in getting you off your stomach when you sleep. Making the transition from stomach sleeper to back sleeper is a big change. You're more likely to have success if you make the move from your stomach to your side. The pillow will create the positional support you need.

Posture supports do just that; they support, but they don't fix.

Dr. Natalie Cordova, a chiropractor and posture expert, wants to help you change your posture for good. Learn to improve posture at http://www.ImproveMyPosture.com

Source: www.isnare.com