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Lifting Belts

Lifting belts are belts used to protect weight lifters from injuries during weight lifting. They extend support to the lower back and protect it from injuries. Proper lifting techniques should be followed while wearing a lifting belt. A lifter should use the lifting belt according to the weight of the load and the style of lifting.

The weight lifter should bend his knees and never bend at the waist to keep the lower back straight. The object should be lifted close to the body. Lifting belts should be kept loose when not in use and tightened just before lifting the weight. Lifting belts can hold the spine in place and also increase intra-abdominal pressure. The force on the spine can be reduced by maximizing the intra-abdominal pressure. As lifting belts are rigid and non-stretchy, they can maximize intra-abdominal pressure to an extreme degree.

Lifting belts need to be wide in the back and front positions. They should also have tapering on the sides. The width at the front and back of the belt provides support for abdominal muscles and the lower back. The tapering on the sides of lifting belts increases the level of comfort. Lifting belts vary in design and quality. Elastic belts are cheaper and wear out quickly. Although high-end and high-quality belts cost a lot more than elastic belts, manufacturers offer a product warranty for such belts.

Lifting belts are designed with a rigid lumbar support that prevents the wearer from bending at the waist. This forces the wearer to squat in front of the load and lift from the legs rather than place any undue stress on the spine. Advantages of lifting belts include the support to the spine, decreased chances of lower back injury, and user comfort. Some of the disadvantages of lifting belts are a chance injury with the belt, increase in blood pressure due to the tightness of belt, and a slight change in the lifting style that can result in injury at a later stage.

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