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Public Support for Clean Industry and High-Tech Economic Business Models

Every economic development association that wishes to recruit high-tech businesses and set up high-tech business parks must make sure that it has the public support necessary to recruit such businesses. With more and more regions in our nation trying to recruit companies there seems to be more and more deals being made by state agencies, county commissioners and local city councils. The high-tech companies know this and often take advantage of these programs to fund their business expansion and save millions of dollars on taxes.

Often a high-tech company will have offers from many different counties in regions in many different states. Of course it behooves the company in their shareholders to seek the very best deal possible, but if these economic development association's compete, more often than not the end up giving away millions of dollars in tax incentives. This can cause animosity, political unrest and even turnover in the next election if it is not handled properly. A strong public support campaign with proper publicity will be necessary in advance to sitting down at the negotiating table.

An economic development association may be competing against another state, county or city, which is able to give away better incentives and economic favors. This is why high-tech companies often shop around for the best possible deal, which helps them with funding business expansion and insures them seamless cooperation with local government entities. All too often the business community feels burned by over regulation, excessive oversight and belligerent code enforcement.

It is for this reason that with proper public support in advance and in the media with a proper public relations campaign that an economic development association can secure a large high-tech company with high-paying jobs to its region. If public support is not there, then another region will most likely be able to out compete and therefore ultimately end up securing the companies of their choice. Consider this in 2006.

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Source: www.articlecity.com