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Plus Size Hosiery Fit To Flatter

For most people being overweight can cause problems especially with regards to self-esteem which may lead them to neglect their appearance. But this was not the case for one of my co-workers. Even though she has to wear plus size clothing because of her build, she always seems to look wonderful. She wears wonderful clothes and she has a great eye when it comes to accessories. She is confident despite her size and is popular because of her charming personality.

A few days ago I was stunned by her outfit. As I observed her I realized that it was because of the unusual shade of her stockings that matched perfectly with her skirt. I asked her where she was able to get her hands on such an unusual color. She told me that she has discovered a wonderful catalog that carried plus sized hosiery as well as other under-garments.

She discovered it through an ad for the company in another catalog. A promotion in the catalog urges consumers to try a pair of plus sized hosiery. She filled out the form she found the ad and received her complimentary size hosiery as well as a full catalog. She was impressed with the complimentary pair she received that she had been ordering from that company ever since. She offered to show me the catalog so that I can see the products and examine them myself. She explained that the company is not entirely focused on plus sized hosiery and offers products for every size possible.

I normally do not order things through a catalog because I prefer to examine the quality of items in person. The plus size hosiery she wore seemed to be in excellent quality so I was hooked. I looked over the catalog that she brought to work the following day. Every possible color and thickness of stocking as well as trouser socks, walking socks, tights, and crew socks were featured in that amazing catalog. The catalog featured not only plus sized hosiery but all the other sizes of a variety of bras, slips, and panties.

The catalog had sections for petite women and for tall women as well. There was also this excellent detailed measuring chart available with instructions on how to measure yourself to ensure that you get the perfect fit. After obtaining your measurements through the chart you may send them in and they will deliver the size that fits you. You can use the chart to measure your ankles, calves, thighs, hips, and waist.

You can also measure your inseam ad outer leg length. Because of the numerous sizes available it would be a good idea to send your measurements and your preferred color and then let them figure out the suitable size for you. The items are all returnable if they do not fit. This is a sure way to be comfortable and with the great colors available, you may give your outfits that finished look that you crave.

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