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Connecticut Child Support

Connecticut child support laws are some what similar to other states in America. Most states have laws on enforcing child support when non-custodial parents refuse to pay. They also have ways on collecting past due child support. The child support system in the state of Connecticut also has a department of Social Service which is responsible for the coordination of processing child support applications, tracking down a missing non-custodial parent, collecting past due child support payments etc.

When applying for Connecticut child support you will be charged a fee unless you are receiving some type of assistance from the state or federal government. Otherwise the fee for applying for child support will cost you twenty-five dollars. Applying for child support is one of the first steps in receiving the financial assistance you need to support your child/children.

The Connecticut child support system can provide assistance in tracking down a missing non-custodial parent. Locating the non-custodial parent must be done in order to establish or collect any past due child support payments. Some non-custodial parents reside out of state, some non-custodial parents flee to different states to avoid paying child support. It can be very difficult for a custodial parent looking to establish child support unless they know the whereabouts of the missing non-custodial parent.

There are many ways that the child support system in the state of Connecticut can track down a non-custodial parent. The state can utilize a federal government database, they can research records from the IRS, look up the Social Security Administration, Department of Labor etc. The state of Connecticut will utilize all methods until the non-custodial parent is found.

Once the non-custodial parent is tracked down, placed on child support, and they refuse to pay, then the Connecticut child support system will execute several methods to enforcing payment. One method that is used to enforcing child support is to send the non-custodial parentís name to the credit bureau. Another method to enforcing child support payments is to intercept any income tax refund if the non-custodial parent falls behind or refuses to make payments. Liens can also be place on properties if the non-custodial parents owes at least five hundred dollars. There are many other methods that are used in the enforcing and collecting of child support payments.

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Connecticut Child Support

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