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Novelty Socks

Novelty socks are socks that veer from the traditional types of socks. They come in foot socks, ankle socks, and knee high socks. Actually there are novelty tights and thigh high stockings available.

There are designs of all kinds which include stars, sun bonnets, quilting patterns, reels, and friendship stars for women. Various appliques can also be applied to socks for women including hearts, roses, lips and anything else that you might like to add.

Childrenís novelty socks include those with animal prints, fun fur trims, colored ribbons or netting and beads depicting sports or flowers. Appliques can be applied to childrenís socks including frogs, bugs, flowers, sports items, and school items.

Menís novelty socks could have such designs as the playboy bunny logo, sports items, and more adult themes. They can include scenes from nature as well. Menís novelty socks can be ankle, crew, or over the calf types of styles.

Novelty socks can be used to celebrate special events like birthdays, holidays like Christmas or St. Patrickís Day, and Valentineís Day. They can be used for weddings and other types of parties. Novelty socks can also be used to celebrate the seasons of the year.

Novelty socks can depict anything from the sublime to the ridiculous and anything in between. The possibilities are virtually limitless and can include even risque things. Use your imagination.

Novelty socks are great for adding to costumes. They can be used to hold party favors or they can actually be the party favors. Have fun - thatís what itís all about.

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