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Once Upon a Time in Scientology

Once upon a time, many years ago, the Church of Scientology used to be the place to go to study the Scientology philosophy. Thousands of people did so and became scientologists enjoying the benefits obtained from the original philosophy just as Ron Hubbard developed it.

However, since the demise of Hubbard in the early 80s this is no longer the case. Times change and the church changed. New management has resulted in a different scientology being promoted. Alterations to the original philosophy developed by Hubbard have been documents and are easily seen by comparisons between the originally issued materials and the latest issues of the same materials.

Nowadays, to get the original philosophy, you now have to go to independent scientology groups such as the International Freezone Association (IFA) for example.

The IFA is a sort of protestant scientology group which prefers to stick with the philosophy as originally developed by Hubbard rather than the later 'updated' version currently followed by the Church.

Often regarded as a splinter group by the church, the IFA and its members follow the original teachings of Hubbard based on the original philosophy which Hubbard researched and developed which was so successful in the period up to the early 80s to give to people the best possible way of improving their lives.

The IFA operates outside of the church and has a list of members who are practitioners of the original philosophy. "We believe that the church has deteriorated since the demise of the Founder, and has taken to practicing a radically altered version of the original philosophy resulting in a more dissatisfied public and poor public relations." said Michael, President of the IFA. "As a result there is now a niche for the person wishing to get back to basics and study the original philosophy and the IFA is here to fill that niche.” He said. ”We are only interested in, what is known in scientology circles as, standard technology, which basically means the 'original applied working philosophy' just as Hubbard developed it."

"There are two distinct scientologies now" he went on. "The Church of Scientology and the International Freezone Association".

The IFA has a website at http://internationalfreezone.net from which further information may be obtained about the original philosophy of scientology.

Permission to use this article is granted provided the link to the International Freezone Association is included.

Michael Moore
International Freezone Association

Source: www.articletrader.com