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How to Use Yahoo! People Search to Find a Phone Number

If you would like to conduct a general online search to find a website, or to lookup specific information about a certain topic, Yahoo! is a search directory that can help you find what you are looking for. The reason is Yahoo! returns precise results based on the keywords you included in your query. Since Yahoo! is only second to Google in online searching popularity, it may be the second place you turn to in an attempt to find a person's phone number if you were unsuccessful with Google.

If you would like to use Yahoo! to obtain someone's personal information such as their name and address, you will discover that the best place to conduct this type of investigation is through Yahoo! People Search. This is a searching service that has been designed to help Internet users' locate an individual through their name, location, phone number or email.

Go to the Yahoo! People Search website and choose the "U.S. Phone & Address" option if you wish to find a person's phone number. You will find that there are four query boxes in this category:

1 -Fist name/Initial 2 - Last name 3 - City/Town 4 - State

In order to conduct a search, the only query box that you must fill in is the last name. However, the more details you can include the more refined the search.

Will results be returned? Yes, as long as the person you are looking up resides in the U.S., and has a publicly listed phone number. If no results are found, and you would really like to contact the individual, you can consider the Email search on Yahoo! People Search. This may provide you with the person's email address, and even though it is not their phone number, it is still a way for you to get in touch with them.

Finally, don't forget that Yahoo! People Search is a great way to trace a phone number to learn updated information on a friend's old telephone number, which may or may not currently belong to them. It is also a convenient way to possibly learn the identity of a person who owns a phone number you don't recognize.

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