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Whats This New Craze, This Prepaid Cell Phone Nonsense?

Donít want to commit to a contract or a plan, then a prepaid cell phone may just be your ticket to happiness. So everyone you know has a cell phone by now right? Maybe you just can not afford to shell out between $20-$50 a month, well they made a phone just for you! Prepaid is really popular now for those not so everyday cell phone users and also for the younger generations.

All I buy is the phone?

Ok, so you walk into any big store, and straight to the cell phone display you go. You see phones with plans, phones with contracts, free phones but with contracts, then a heavenly light emits from a display. Prepaid is the new thing, you buy a phone, just a phone, and you now have a cell phone, just with no service. Depending on the phone you are looking for you may be dishing out between $20-$75 for the phone alone. Picking the phone is the hard part though.

So youíre telling me with this card, I have cell phone service?

Now to use a prepaid cell phone you have to purchase prepaid minutes. Most any place will sell these small credit card looking cards. They come in a range of minutes and prices, you just pick the amount thatís right for you. When you activate your phone you will need to add minutes to it to begin using it. Now many prepaid phones make it mandatory for you to refresh your phone with minutes at least every 3 months or your phone service will be terminated. These also make great gifts, you know someone that has prepaid cell phone and no idea what to get them, buy them talking time. When buying prepaid minute cards make sure itís for the phone you own, or at least compatible with it.

Is prepaid right for me?

So are you tired of barely using your cell phone but being charged monthly for things you never even use? Prepaid is not for everyone, make sure itís what you need before making the choice. Prepaid is not advised for being that like the hands free devices, talk a lot, or are looking for the lowest cost per minute of talk time. Prepaid however is advised for people who only need a phone once in awhile to call a relative or make a call for a ride.

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