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What Is That I See Over The Horizon, Is It Verizon?

Verizon cell phones are up on the top list of cell phones available today, proof of that is their 59.1 million customer base, that brings in an annual revenue of about $38 billion. Who ever could have imagined 20 years ago a company making that much money off of something that was back then, a luxury, and now a necessity.

Can you hear me now?

Who can forget that guy? Verizon advertises that they are the cell phone provider that offers the fewest amount of dropped calls with their commercial of the man that walks around various places doing various things while on the phone, uttering “Can you hear me now? Good”, and goes on about his way. Do they really deliver though? Only those that actually have a Verizon cell phone could tell you this. Times and situations like this it would be essential to look for customer or just company reviews to find out just how good their services for their dropped calls and range really is.

Buy this…and this….and this

Verizon cell phones are right up there with the advances in technology, competing with the very best out there. They offer the new “Chocolate” phone, which is a step up from the popular Razor, that was the “it“ thing of ‘06. Verizon offers belt clips, hands free components, and even extra battery packs for the majority of their phones. It’s hard not to go over board as well with their option to buy things online with your phone as well.

Internet and cable too?

Verizon offers a combination of a Verizon cell phone bill with that of a Verizon internet connection, and DirecTV connection, all on one bill. Verizon also provides such services as International Cellular Service, which allows customers to keep their US number while out of the US, but the downside is the whole time, you’re roaming. A big perk in being with Verizon is the fact they usually offer great deals along with their plans, usually a free phone is somewhere in the deal or add another line for cheap.

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