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A Helpful Career in Customer Service

Are you interested in a career that puts you on the front lines with customers? If you like helping people and have an outgoing personality, a career as a customer service representative may be right for you. Many companies rely on top-notch customer representatives to offer services and help answer questions for their customers. The need for these employees is great as more and more companies rely on their support staff to ensure that customers receive help.

What They Do:

Customer service representatives provide information to customers who have questions about products or services. This job generally involves answering routine questions and processing requests for account information. They also can work in the capacity of answering specific product questions and guide customers to which products to purchase. Customer Service representatives are in contact with the public via telephone systems and computers, and often research account information while on the phone with a customer. Service representatives work extensively with complex telephone systems and often route calls to appropriate representatives with an organization.


Most customer service representatives need only a high school diploma for employment. However, many of today’s top companies are looking for employees to have and associates or bachelors degree. Computer skills are necessary to work in customer service. You will need to have not only intermediate computer skills, but also fast and accurate typing abilities. Customer service representatives are required to have good communication skills along with patience, in case of difficult customers. Having a degree is almost necessary if you plan on working as a customer service manager.


About 1 in 8 customer service representatives were employed in administrative and support services.

Four States—California, Texas, Florida, and New York—employ 30 percent of customer service representatives.

Another 1 in 8 customer service representatives were employed in retail trade establishments such as general merchandise stores, food and beverage stores, or nonstore retailers.

Median annual earnings for wage and salary customer service representatives is $27,020

Mary Hart is an in-house writer for Online-Degrees-Today.com and has been writing about online business degree programs since 2004. To find out more information about earning your online customer service degree, click here.

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