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Benefits of Using Customer Phone Surveys

Most companies spend huge amounts of their budgets to attract new customers to their business, while neglecting and then losing existing customers. Although new customers are always nice, it's not new customers that bring in continuous revenues, its existing customers. Are you investing enough in keeping the customer base you have? Do you understand the benefits of using customer phone surveys to keep customers?

If you want customer loyalty, you need to give the customer what they want. You can spend a great deal of money advertising, and just as much guessing about what it is your existing customers want. Why not invest in customer phone surveys? They'll provide you what you need to know to keep customers happy.

In fact, when it comes to learning about your customer, there is nothing else that is as effective as customer phone surveys. For years these surveys have been giving customers a chance to voice their concerns and also to give praise. The information your company gathers during customer phone surveys can help you to establish what it is your existing customers want, which means you can work to keeping them as your customers and that same information can help you attract new customers.

One of the benefits of using customer phone surveys is that you get most of the benefits of face-to-face interviews without the cost of that type of survey. Mailing surveys or having someone on staff asking customers direct survey questions can be costly and sometimes customers are shy about being completely honest when it's face-to-face.

Customer phone surveys give the customer a sense of anonymity, which lends itself to customers being more open with their answers to questions.

If you ever wondered if measurement was actually important just look at the successful business that's growing by leaps and bounds all because they understood the benefits of using customer phone surveys to keep their existing customers happy.

You can't keep your current customers happy if you don't know what your customer is thinking. In fact, you can't fix problems unless you know they exist.

Consider this: it will cost your company as much as 10 times more to acquire a new customer over keeping a customer you already have. For every customer that does make a complaint to you there are 30 that will not. They simply won't return and they'll also pass their dissatisfaction on to 10 friends.

Asking your customer about what they think of your business and how they think you can improve shows just how serious you are about making improvements and keeping customers. Your existing customers will recognize this and reward you with loyalty, they'll tell friends and family about you and your customer service, which will increase the number of new customers that come to your business.

Did you know that customer satisfaction is actually a forecaster of future financial success? There are direct links between loyal customers and successful businesses. Now that you know the benefits of using customer phone surveys, don't you think it's time to give it a try?

Terry Fitzroy is an expert at writing for customer response surveys, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction surveys.

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