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Selling Your Services Over The Phone

When people think about telephone sales they often think about telemarketers and how much they dislike them. However, if you own a service business and you have customers calling in who desire service and have questions it is amazing how many of those potential customers you can turn into becoming your best customers.

Unfortunately, very few small service businesses understand that when a customer calls on the phone and starts asking questions even if they are merely in the discovering mode of what the services entail; you can very easily turn them into customers. Selling your services over the phone is extremely important and nearly everyone who calls in the phone should become a customer; unless they are a competitor shopping you.

If you own a small service business it would behoove you to consider this. Obviously someone who calls and asked you questions about your service business on the phone is a much better candidate to buy something from you then someone who picked up the newspaper and sought your advertisement today. The person calling you on the phone already knows they need to service and are inquiring to find out the particulars.

Do not sell yourself short when answering questions from potential customers. These customers want what you have available and is just a matter of making sure that your services match their desires and that the price is fair and equitable for all concerned. I hope you will please consider this in 2006.

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