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The Top 3 HSBC Bank Credit Cards

Issued by the HSBC Bank in Nevada, HSBC credit cards are valued because of their low APR which means a lot to customers who generally carry a balance on their credit cards monthly.

The top HSBC Bank credit cards based on APR (Annual Percentage Rate) were:

• HSBC MasterCard with Cash or Fly Rewards

• HSBC Platinum MasterCard

• HSBC MasterCard with Cash Back Rewards

HSBC MasterCard with Cash or Fly Rewards

This card has an attractive 0 APR introductory rate that runs for twelve months. The regular APR is normally 11.49%. The card also facilitates balance transfers at zero percent for one year as well. After the first twelve months there is a three percent fee for balance transfer to a maximum of Seventy-five Dollars. Customers earn one percent on every purchase they make using this card, with rewards available as cash back. Added benefits include a twenty day grace period.

There are no annual fees, although fees are charged for overlimit spending and late payments.

HSBC Platinum MasterCard

This platinum MasterCard also has a 0 APR introductory rate for twelve months. There is also zero percent on balance transfer for one year. Other fees include overlimit charges, cash advance fees and late fees. There is also free online bill payment.

HSBC MasterCard with Cash Back Rewards

Offering either cash back or travel rewards this low APR card is one of HSBC’s most popular. New customers get an introductory 0 APR and balance transfers for twelve months. The normal APR is 11.49 percent.

After the introductory zero percent on transfer balances, a three percent charge will be applied. There are no annual fees for using this MasterCard.

Card holders have a twenty grace period on charges before most fees become payable.

To apply for these and other HSBC Bank credit cards, Eric Wasselman recommends Find Credit Cards.

Source: www.articletrader.com