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Book Lower Travel

There is so much bombardment of advertising on which airline is offering the lowest fares and why you should use their services to book your travel. However, it all comes down to where you can book lower travel and be able to get good customer service with your purchase.

Years ago you would go into a brick and mortar travel agency to book your travel, but the Internet has taken over the face of travel today. What this means is that you no longer are able to sit face to face with someone or make that last minute phone call to get more details. Only a few online travel agencies offer their customers the added phone service. “Book your travel and forget it,” seems to be the mantra for most online travel agencies. In other words, you are on your own after you make that online purchase.

Therefore, you may be able to book lower travel, but what will it cost you in the end? So you must be careful in finding out before you book that ticket, rental car or hotel online, exactly who you will be speaking to if you want to make changes or if something unexpected comes up where you have to reschedule or cancel.

If you do not see a phone number on the website that you propose to book your travel, then this is reason to be cautious. If you do see a phone number, call first to find out about their customer service. You may be able to tell from that first phone call, how well your flight arrangements will be handled.

You also may go directly to the airline’s web page to book your travel. Most airlines have a phone number that you can call for customer service and the fares may be lower as well. There is so much online competition to get your business and so many online travel agencies are stepping up their service to accommodate you. However, you want to be sure before you plunge in.

When you book your hotel room online, be sure that you get the direct phone number of that particular hotel (not the hotel chain), so that you can call for further information, directions or any other inquiries. At the time of booking your hotel online, be aware that your purchase is final and nonrefundable. Therefore, this purchase has to be well thought out before you do it. Your airfare is also a final sale as well as the rental car purchase. If you want to make changes to your travel plans, you are often charged an extra fee to make those changes.

So booking lower travel while it can be enticing, should not be your only goal when you are traveling. If you can book lower travel and come away with great customer service, then you have gotten a bang for your bucks. Do your own due diligence before you purchase anything online and travel is no exception. Make sure you know what you are getting for your money up front so that there are no surprises and look for that phone number and/or email address for contact purposes.

Cheryline Lawson is the owner of www.booklowertravel.com and writes articles and books on the subject.

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