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Phone Manners Matter

Just because you operate your business from home does not mean that your phone manners do not matter. What future client or customer wants to hear your teen shout that there is some dude on the phone for you? Home businesses should be run as professionally as if you were operating from an office location, so here are a few tips to remember.

1.If your finances allow, supply a toll free number to customers, use a cell phone exclusively for work, or a separate land line for your clients and customers to contact you with, so that you can differentiate between personal and business calls. If that is not possible, then try these other tips.

2.Ask your friends and family to use MSN messaging or something similar to contact you during the day rather than tie up the only phone line for personal calls.

3.Screen your calls with an answering machine. This is a helpful tool for those who work at home. It allows you freedom to devote your time and attention to your work and not become distracted with personal calls. You can pick up on the ones that are work-related and get back to the less-urgent ones later.

4.Try a recorded phone message that reflects both your business and your personal calls. For example - You have reached the business service for A&B Business as well as the personal line for A&B Smith. Please leave your name and number and we will be returning calls as soon as possible. (Save the cute and catchy jingles for your teenís phone line.)

5.Train your family to answer the phone in a proper manner as well. Keep the small children away from the phone during your work hours and ask all the family members to answer in a similar manner as your recorded message.

Proper phone manners reflect a proficient business person. So donít surprise your clients with a phone message that says- Yo man, you know the drill!

Diane Zorn has a certificate in Human Resource Management. She has over 15 years experience operating 2 retail businesses as well as a home-based e-commerce site http://www.beyondhandbags.com

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