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Home Based Customer Service Opportunity

In recent years, there have been increases in home based customer service positions for the public. These positions offer the convenience of the home environment and the added benefit of a flexible schedule for the home customer service. The traditional call service usually offers representatives from $8 to $9 per hour and the home based representatives typically make $13 to $15 per hour wage.

This higher pay benefits both the company and the home representative due to fewer costs in call center rent, utilities and computer equipment. The only requirements for the home representative is a computer system, some type of internet service, usually DSL and a LAN line. There are some variations in the specific position titles for home customer service. Some companies considered these people actually employees while others may be independent contractors.

In most cases, the position consists of the latter designation. Independent contractors are often required to maintain their own records and tax responsibilities. Training is usually supplied by the company in the form of customer service courses through online sources. These courses are often completed in a short time and the representative is given a user identification and password to the customer service site where the calls are sent to provided home number of the representative.

Most companies stress that an independent contractor is expected to maintain a professional manner during every call as if the person is in the actual call center. There are usually company guidelines that the representative must follow at all times. In addition, the representative should keep outside distractions to a minimum when taking company calls. The home representative should remain serious and professional during work hours.

There are various types of these positions available to the home based representative. The types of positions can include technical support, general questions and a help desk representative. The majority of big companies offer home based representative positions and these positions can be found on the internet and in some business publications. The typical home based representative could provide the most basic information to highly detailed technical support to a customer depending on the company.

Most experts agree that the home based service representative positions are becoming a viable business opportunity for any person with the skills and desire to perform such a service for the public. These positions allow a person to gain new abilities as well as utilize those other skills. The home benefits both the company and person also. The home representative could eventually decide to pursue other opportunities in an actual call center or at another location as a customer service agent.

In both cases, the home representative would have the necessary skills and experience to acquire either of these in house positions. Most representatives that obtain these positions are very interested in providing aid to customers. In other words, they are geared towards personal care and have strong people skills. A home based customer service representative can become a very fulfilling position for anyone. Experts advise to closely investigate all opportunities available.

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