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Customer Service Tips-How To Look After Your Customers More Professionally

I’d like to offer you a few customer service tips in this article. Great customer service is more than just giving the customer what they want. It is also giving them what they need. Great customer service involves taking the time to learn more about your customers and making sure that their goals are met, sometimes even to the detriment of your sales. Keep in mind that customers are buying your products because they want to get the highest value for their money. Customers buying in bulk orders may seem very attractive to you at first especially if you are selling perishable goods, but the limitations of your product or goods may not have been taken into account by your customer and the purchase may be to his detriment. For one, he may not be able to use all the products he has ordered before it deteriorates to a point wherein it is completely useless. The initial purchase may be to your advantage, but this will become a bad experience for your customer, and he will always associate it with you.

Because of this, you must be ready to redefine your concept of a good customer service tips to include taking the time to know if the sale is really to both your advantage. This will involve knowing some facts about your customer like what purpose he has for the purchase of your products, how long he expects to keep the product before using it and where he is supposed to keep the product. In doing this, you are showing your customer that you are also concerned about his welfare or the welfare of his own business. Sharing goals with your customers will also convince him not to change suppliers even though they are offering a lower price for the same product.

Moreover, you must also take the time to learn if what your customer intends to do with your product is attainable. If he wants to stock up about 500 pieces of your product for example and you know that there is a high probability that he will only be able to sell 300 pieces, you must tell him this fact. Your customer will appreciate the fact that you are concerned about him not experiencing a loss in the transaction. The trust that will be developed in this kind of relationship will be a great help to your business in the long run. Customers who feel that valued are more likely to refer new businesses to you.

Knowing how long he intends to store the product and where he intends to store them will also be a great help in making sure that both of you profit from this transaction. Certain products have limited storage life and specific storage conditions. Make sure that your customers’ plans are within this margin. Ask some questions regarding this to make sure that there will be no problems in the future.

As always, make sure that both of you will profit from the transaction. If you feel that your new customer will not be entirely satisfied, be forward enough to withdraw from the transaction. It is always better in the long run to have fewer customers than to have many unsatisfied ones. Unsatisfied customers costs more to maintain and are a source of bad press, so take the time to know that both of you will be satisfied with the business relationship.

With these customer service tips and more, you are sure to have more satisfied customers, more referrals and definitely a more profitable business. So take your customer service one step higher than just good customer service and watch your efforts sales skyrocket in the months to come.

Steven Taylor is a Marketing Consultant to http://www.Retronix.com - one of the most innovative and effective suppliers to the electronics & semiconductor industries. Services include BGA Rework and De-Bug Services.

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