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What if Every Company Gave Great Service?

As a customer we have all come across business establishments where we received good customer service and occasionally when that service is great it really stands out. Today even good customer service stands out, because we seldom get that very often. At Starbucks Coffee they instruct all their team partners, a fancy name for employee line worker, to give not good or great service, but Legendary Service. Ask any employee it is a mantra around there. Now that does not mean you will get Legendary Service all the time, but you will see the sparks of it and generally you will receive good customer service. And to us customers, well that is a good thing.

There are many companies, which give good customer service, companies such as Enterprise Rent A Car, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Fed Ex, Dell and I am sure you have a list of your own. Personally I like Samís Deli, but since you have never been there you will just have to trust me on that one. Good customer service is something every company should give if they want to keep you as a customer? I just have to ask this question; What if Every Company Gave Great Service? Think on this.

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