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Management - Customer Service

Customer service is always a hot topic. How many times have you gone to a business where the employees waiting on you appear to not care if you were there or not? How many times have you gotten your clothes back from the laundry with buttons crushed or you picked up a call-in order for dinner only to get home to find out it was wrong? These are all examples of poor customer service. These are lost opportunities. Good customer service programs can generate extra dollars to the bottom line. The recent problems with the airline industry are another example of a chronic bad customer service programs.

Cleanliness and Customer / Employee interaction indicates a company's concern for the customer's well being. Customer service goes beyond saying "hello"; it is the "attention to detail" that makes for good customer service. It is unfortunate but "attention to detail" has become a lost art. Details are the little things; clean and well maintained restrooms, clean counters, and well stocked shelves. Creating an environment where the customer has value and is respected by the company is fundamental to good customer service. If good customer service is dependent on how good a day the employee is having then there will be problems. Training is the best way to ensure the creation of the customer friendly environment. The involvement of ALL persons that work for the company, this includes management.

How do you define customer service? Is it how you are treated or is it the total experience?

A manager has an obligation to provide the best service, product, and price possible. This is why it is so critical that management is the first personnel to be trained in a complete customer service program. Have a great day!!! Come see me at myfoodconsultant.com or read my blogs at:cdmworld.com

Food consultant, and Management Consultant & combining a Master's degree in Organizational Management with over 20 years of practical operating experience, I offer a perspective on food service and business that has been uniquely productive for food service organizations with complex unit start-up and turnaround challenges. With successful in-depth food service management experience, including resident facilities, multi-unit operations and revitalizing under performing teams I always welcome the next challenge. When I describe myself I would have to say; I am driven by a desire to share my passion for managerial excellence with anyone who will listen. I am a manager by nature and a leader by training and education. Cooking has been a hobby since I was a little boy growing up on the farm in Texas. See my web site at: http://www.myfoodconsultant.com

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