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Leading Quality Customer Service Departments

These days, customer service departments do more than answer customer questions, take orders, and supply additional information when needed, they are also used to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and bring in new customers. Being able to provide these additional services requires training and leadership from managers and supervisors.

Many companies have seen the potential for future sales through the type of service that customers receive from customer service departments. Because of increased competition, customers have more choices when it comes to finding goods and services they need. The quality of customer service departments is one of the main factors that determine where a customer chooses to spend their money.

Sales and customer service skills are vital training courses and are available for anyone working in this field. More and more companies are requiring employees and managers to constantly refresh their skills by taking these courses so they can develop new ways to help customers and retain their business in the future. The areas that need to be regularly revisited include:

• Ways to create a helpful customer service department
• Ways to measure the success of the department
• Ways to increase sales through additional training of employees
• How to earn future business from customers
• How to solve conflicts through negotiation

These skills can be used in conjunction with company customer service training so service representatives will be able to help customers in various ways.

By utilizing some or all of these skills, company profits will increase.

Given the amount spent on goods and services each year, customers expect a certain level of respect, assistance, and importance placed on their needs. Whether it is when they are signing up for a service, asking a question about existing service, or wanting to cancel a service, customer service representatives play an important role in future business, receive referrals from customers, and in building build a solid reputation for a company.

Through training courses, customer service representatives and managers can build a department that cares about its customers. This quality will set the company apart from the rest and help it succeed in today’s competitive market place.

Timothy Millett, head trainer at i perform, has extensive expertise in performance training, sales training and customer service training. Tim has helped participants from organisations such as SWIFT and UBS achieve peak levels of personal performance. For more information please visit Leadership Training

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