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Common Mistakes When Using Customer Service Measurements

If you want to further please and serve your customers, it is imperative that you determine the level of their satisfaction in products and services your business provide. This is a very basic transaction when setting customer-business relations. Through the years, companies have been recognizing the fact that the basic key to their success is to get to know customers better and strive to satisfy and serve them well.

Through the years, companies have been actively adopting customer service measurements in aim of gauging the level of customer satisfaction. However, experts and company research aficionados attest that there are usually misconceptions and misrepresentations when doing such efforts. Thus, it is advisable that you recognize and familiarize yourself with the usual flaws or mistakes when performing and using customer service measurements. Those commonly committed errors are as follows.

- Customer service measurement covers inappropriate population. Before performing customer service measurements, it is essential to target the study on appropriate customers. The survey should be administered on actual customers who know and use the products and services well instead of people who do not even know the products or the brand itself. Also, it is important to determine and set the demographics of the potential respondents to the study. Focusing on customers with higher purchasing power would be more advisable.

- The customer service measurement program does not cover sufficient volume of respondents. When determining customer satisfaction level, it is advisable that your business strive as hard to cover a bigger percentage of customers. You simply cannot determine satisfaction level based on just a few of the customers. In statistics, a 90% minimum or greater level of confidence with a 10% error rate is ideal and lower than that could render the measurement inappropriate and ineffective.

- The customer service measurement is based on an inaccurate hypothesis. Look at the questions employed. Are they appropriate? Will the questions solicit answers that would measure customer satisfaction level? If not, you should look at the original and applied assumptions and see if there are modifications or changes needed. Customer service measurements would render futile if the basic concepts and assumptions are not appropriate in the first place.

- The customer service measurement is using ineffective or technical words. The common mistake among different customer service measurements is that such studies use vocabularies that are not easily understandable. Remember that technical terms and jargons might seem too common for you, but for your customers, they might not be too familiar with such words. Misunderstandings on words would surely arouse discomfort among customer-respondents of such customer service surveys.

- The terms used are overly generalized. If the assumptions and questions are also general instead of specific, the customer service measurement would surely be ineffective.

Time and attention should be particularly allotted if you are to run a customer service measurement program. You should bear in mind that the data you would be attaining from such surveys would be essential in gauging the level of satisfaction in your business' products and services.

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Source: www.articlesphere.com