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Paypal vs Google Checkout - 5 Tips to Save You Time and Money

Since the launch of Google Checkout, small online retailers sometimes wonder which service is better: Paypal or Google Checkout. Here's a listing of some of their differences:

1. Why Choose Paypal? Paypal is more flexible than Google Checkout. Sales can be processed online by the customer, but sales can also be processed by the retailer through a "virtual terminal." Google Checkout does not currently offer a virtual terminal. This flexibility comes with a price though: Paypal is more expensive than Google Checkout.

2. Why Choose Google Checkout? Google Checkout is less expensive than Paypal - Google Checkout currently offers free credit card processing through the end of 2007. The fees for merchant services add up quickly. Google knows this, and is trying to quickly earn a large share of the pie by offering free merchant services.

Google Checkout is designed for retailers who sell strictly online and do not need to process credit card payments in some other manner, such as over the phone, since no virtual terminal is offered as of this writing.

3. Problems with Google Checkout. Google Checkout has had it's share of problems. A quick internet search using the terms Problems with Google Checkout yields blog posts and miscellaneous articles where people describe the problems they've had with the new service. A search using Google's own "News Search" service currently yields several articles describing problems with Google Checkout.

4. Problems with Paypal. The same can be said of Paypal! Internet searches and news searches using the terms Problems with Paypal also yield blog posts, miscellaneous articles, and news articles describing the various problems people have had using Paypal's service.

5. Final Thoughts. Don't rush into making a decision about either service. They are different and service different needs. Do your homework - search the internet for rate information, problems, and benefits to each service. Make an informed choice, and your business will be more profitable and smoother running for doing so!

Jennifer A. Thieme is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Visit http://www.jenniferthieme.com for more information about her services.

Source: www.articlealley.com