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Cheap Disney World Tickets - How To Avoid Being Taken For A Ride

A Disney World vacation is a trip of a lifetime - but it doesn't come cheap. A large part of your budget will be spent on Disney World tickets. So most people want to know the answer to the question - can you get a cheap Disney World ticket? Is there such a thing as a cheap Disney World ticket?

First let's see how not to buy a Disney World ticket. Do not fall for the ticket scams - there are plenty out there. If a Disney World ticket deal seems too good to be true then it probably is. There will be a catch.

A lot of cheap Disney ticket deals are linked to time share sales. You know the drill. You are promised cheap or free Disney tickets in return for attending a time share presentation. So is it worth giving 'just an hour of your time' to sit through the sales pitch just to get a cheap or free Disney ticket?

Only you can decide this, but what is promised as an hour may turn into a considerable amount more time which you have to spend in a high pressure sales presentation. You decide if this is worth it.

So how do you get a good deal on a Disney ticket? To be safe, you must only buy from Disney or an authorized Disney ticket agent.

Disney itself does offer discounts if you purchase in advance online from their own website. You can also sometimes save yourself some money if you buy as far ahead of your vacation as you can - Disney prices tend to go up twice a year so you could get yourself ahead of the game by buying before any price increase.

The other way to get a cheaper Disney ticket is to buy from an authorised Disney ticket agent such as Maple Leaf Tickets, Kissimmee Guest Services and The Official Ticket Center.

Are there any other ways of saving money on Disney tickets? Be informed about which Disney ticket that you really want. There are lots of combinations available so making sure that you have the right ticket, bought from Disney itself or an authorized agent is the best way that you can save money for your family.

Alison Meacham is the author of the Disney Vacation Money Savings Guide. She owns luxury Florida vacation rental homes within 5 minutes of Disney. You can view her resort villas at www.windsorpalmsusa.com

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