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Microsoft Software Innovation Discussion

Many anti-Microsoft Programmers complain that there are no new innovations in software coming out of Microsoft, only that they jumble up and complicate their current software and add one or two new features and call it innovative. Further they charge that Microsoft is creating artificial demand and delivering nothing new to the consumer?

Well dear anti-Microsoft software programmers - What are you talking about? It is the customer who perceives desire; are you telling me the consumer is on Hallucigens? Tell that to the consumer who wants the "next new" improved gizmo. First adopters love the new tools Microsoft Produces and let's take MS Word 2007 for instance or the New Office Professional 2007, it is spectacular. There are first adopters and those that hang back.

In the future Microsoft Web Based services with a small subscription fee might very well be just what the doctor ordered. The idea of web based products solves a problem for many people's grandmothers or those in poorer nations and it protect piracy - because people are stealing from Microsoft? Including some of these complainers, competitors and detractors.

Tell you what you go create a new race of humans that have a shred of integrity and I will follow your logic that Microsoft should go all open source? That is not an invitation to go out into the world and procreate with every female you see, I do not like dead beat dads either, just like piracy software thieves.

Innovation is perception, if you can create more innovation then you are great, if you can create a better package and put it all together then more power to you. But the consumer has put their trust into Microsoft and the consumer is the one who buys the product. You see, the last time I checked the customer is always right, and if you forget that refer back to rule number one; The customer is always right? Don't ask me why they are right - ask them the customer, because they understand rule number one and vote with their dollars.

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Source: www.a1articles.com