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Failures In Customer Service Will Mean The Death Of Your Business

All businesses do marketing and advertising to bring in new customers. But if they are really on the ball they give Excellent Customer Service and allow all those new customers a reason and an incentive to come back and buy more and to tell all their friends and associates to do the same. Failures in Customer Service will eventually mean the death of your business.

Trading one for one advertising for new customers is a dead end game because generally advertising works best when you bring people in on a special and that means you probably are not making as much as you could if they just came in out of the blue without a coupon to buy a higher priced item, which was not on sale.

Great customer service is not free, it takes practice and commitment from all your employees who must have by-in and be dedicated to the process of offering great service. However, great service produces word-of-mouth advertising and also means that the customer will come back over and over again to shop in your store.

There really is no substitute for great service and even if you have the lowest prices in the county, you can bet that it is only a matter of time until someone else offers a similar price with great service and all those customers will migrate over to your competition. Play it smart and offer great customer service from the start.

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