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Opening a Dollar Store - Customer Retention Strategies

If you operate a business of any type there will always be a customer involved. In fact those customers are the very lifeblood of your business. Opening a dollar store is no different. Without those customers and the purchases that they make your business would soon fail.

When opening a dollar store make customer service and the resulting customer retention a cornerstone of everything that happens in your business. Develop a documented customer service policy. Prominently display that policy in several locations for all employees to see. Set outstanding customer service as an expectation for every employee in the organization.

Make sure that there is a complete documented definition of what customer service means in your business. Include details about how it is displayed in action for every employee in the organization to see. If you are opening a dollar make sure to interview and hire customer-oriented employees. Provide training in customer service as a part of the orientation of all new employees. Include customer service as a part of the formal and the informal performance feedback that employees receive.

Reward great customer service. Employees who consistently provide outstanding customer service should receive bonuses, raises and promotions when there are opportunities to formally recognize them. After opening a dollar you will prize those customer oriented employees who are invaluable to efforts to retain existing customers.

As the owner you should personally role model great customer service in all of your dealings. Be sure that you know and understand exactly what your customers want and need when opening a dollar store. Donít guess when it comes to merchandise in your store. Ask customers on an ongoing basis. As new products arrive solicit feedback from those who make purchases. Be sure that you have the right products in the right quantities to meet customer demand.

To Your Dollar Store Success!

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