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How My Bank Tried To Keep Me As A Customer

In short, my bank made bit of a mess of opening a new business account for me. And I waited for about 6 weeks before I eventually received a paying in book and cheque book.

They also told me that I wouldn't be able to see this account along with my other accounts when I used their internet banking facility. This would have been very inconvenient when trying to see my balances or transferring funds between accounts.

My bank manager was clearly very embarrassed by these problems. He sent me several letters of apology and also a present of a very nice Cross roller-ball pen.

At one point, I was getting so frustrated with what was happening that I actually thought about changing banks. But on second thoughts decided that I ought to at least telephone him and explain my frustrations. By letting him know how I felt, he at least had a chance to put things right.

Finally, he did manage to solve all the problems. My cheque books did arrive. And he managed to get all my accounts set up on one internet account.

I was a happy customer once more. And I will be staying with this bank.

But what was it that saved the day. Was it the letters of apology? Was it the Cross pen?

No. What convinced me to stay with this bank was when my manager had some temporary cheques made up for me and then drove 10 miles to hand deliver them to me.

I actually only needed to use one of those temporary cheques. But it was the manager's commitment to me as a customer that made the day.

Interestingly, the pen didn't save the day. But it is a lovely reminder of my manager's commitment and care.

How would you and your team demonstrate that you care?

Derek Williams is creator of The WOW! Awards™ and Chief Executive for the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Europe.

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Source: www.a1articles.com