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Customer Service for the Airlines

Customer service for the airlines is so important these days because the weary traveler is already upset with the treatment, heightened security at the airports and the cut backs of meals on planes and other amenities. What can an airline do to increase customer service to insure a pleasurable flying experience these days?

Surely they can do something seeing as staff has been cut at the ticket counters, baggage and ground crews to save costs and keep the airline flying. A better attitude would also be nice although this is also tough with pensions being raided, lay off announcements and increasing fuel costs meaning the money will be made up somewhere, probably including pay decreases, lessened benefits or less sick time.

No matter what if the airlines do not have good customers they will watch their best customers migrate to other airlines and that means disaster down the road. Currently, we see customer service awards being awarded to Delta Airlines even though there pilots have taken a pay cut and may lose part of their pensions. Even though the company has cut back on the number of in-flight meals and other services, airline travelers still rate them very high.

How are they able to do this? Surely the competition is asking themselves the same thing, as they assumed that Delta Airlines would go out of business leaving more routes open for them. It seems the employees have taken it upon themselves to offer exceptional customer service and they're going to help the airline come out of the nose-dive. It is amazing what you can do with customer service if the employees have by-in and truly care. Consider all this in 2006.

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