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Customer Service Tips » Amazon Customer Service

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So far we talk about basic structure of your store. Its time to move on towards some serious issues.

Customer Service

Customer service is a major part of business. You can provide customer service by using phone and email. Email is preferable is preferable solution in most cases. To setup a customer service center you may either use help desk software or simply use email. Help desk is a much more professional way to communicate with customers besides it makes communication lot easier.

Kayako eSuite (http://www.kyako.com) 29.95$/month

Kayako esuite is impressive help desk software. You can also integrate it with Oscommerce.

Desklance 9.95$/month

Itís a good alternative of Kyako eSuite. I check out the demo and itís simply amazing.

Estimated Cost: 10$

A review of total cost

Its time to review the total cost to get an idea how much investment you need to start an online store. Here is cost analyzer

Cost Analysis Amount in dollars

  • Oscommerce Customization 350

  • Web Hosting 12

    Domain Name 8

    SSL Certificate 30

    Credit Card Processing 100

    Customer Service Center 10

    Total 510$

    The above figure of 510$ isnít final. If you are a good negotiator you can save plenty of money in Oscommerce customization besides usage of 2checkout.com may also save 50$.


    Customer Support Resources http://www.infosamurai.com/v1/customer.htm

    Source: www.articledashboard.com