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What is a Toll Free Routing Migration?

Before we can answer the question of what is a Toll Free Routing Migration, we need to briefly understand the function of SMS/800.

The 800 Service Management System (SMS/800) is a US based Operations Support System (OSS) that performs toll-free (800, 877, 888 and 866) number management.

The primary function of SMS/800 is twofold:

  1. to act as the source of Toll-Free number availability and reservation status information.

  2. to select the carrier on which a toll free number routes.

  3. Service providers (e.g. Qwest, Global Crossing) that assign toll-free numbers for use within the US and Canada use the SMS/800 to establish routing records for customers, and download records to local exchange carrier Service Control Points (SCPs) to facilitate call processing.

    Service providers generally prefer that their toll free numbers route on their own networks. Some service providers do not have a network presence in all places where Toll Free calls can originate (e.g. Puerto Rico, Alaska, Guam, Fisher Island NY). As carriers establish a network presence in new areas, they need to change their SMS/800 records to take advantage of their new network facilities.

    Recently (in May 2007) Qwest established a network presence in Alaska LATA 832. Qwest asked their complimentary carriers to move their Alaska LATA 832 traffic from the MCI-0222 Carrier Identification Code (CIC) to their LGT-0432 CIC. All new 8XX's and existing toll free numbers must be rebuilt in SMS/800 to accomodate the new routing configuration.

    Managing Toll Free Routing Migrations is a "cost of doing business" for RespOrgs and Telecom Providers and Resellers. These Toll Free Service Migrations cause thousands of records to be updated in SMS/800 and the corresponding SCP's and can be a resource drain for their provisioning departments.

    About the Author: Matthew J. Noreen PMP® works for csf Corporation. csf's flagship software, 8MS is the powerful and easy to use alternative to SMS/800.

    If you are facing a large Toll Free Migration (such at the Qwest Toll Free Routing Migration of of May 2007) we can help!

    8MS allows you to Reserve, Activate or Re-Route hundreds or thousands of toll free numbers with our powerful on-line mass change commands. Rather than force your toll free provisioning users to redundantly key in similar data (over and over again) with the possibility for error and lost revenue, 8MS uses modern computing techniques to speed up your provisioning and get your word done in less time.

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    Source: www.articlesbase.com