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Courtesy Builds Customer Service and Repeat Business

Everyone has at some point in life experienced customer service. Whether it be in the business world or perhaps a school activity. Even though it might have been against your schedule, if the transaction was handled with courtesy, it was tolerable. Yet, on the other hand, if offensive treatment was extended, you probably walked away somewhat disgruntled.

My Mama always said, You can get a whole lot more with honey, than you can get with vinegar. This a proficient statement that can be kept in mind when anyone is responsible for customer service. Not everyone enjoys being detained for matters that are not in their routine; henceforth, courtesy will help to soften the procedure and you can bet the recipient will be more cooperative.

The most excellent and least expensive exercise available is a smile. It keeps one's face muscles resilient, and it requires no extra effort, yet it usually creates a pleasing response. Anyone that is greeted with pleasant approach and courtesy will react with more collaboration than they would when confronted by a challenging attitude.

Customer relations is not the job for just anyone. Good customer service is best rendered by an individual that has the attributes of thoughtfulness, patients, good humor that is enhanced with sincere compassion, and must be knowledgeable of the situation or the issue. They should be willing to listen to the client with an open mind and be prepared to communicate openly and objectively. A know it all can cause unnecessary dissension or ill feelings.

Greetings such as HELLO and THANK YOU are never over extended when used appropriately.

Whow! What a treat to write for interested readers. I consider it an honor to write, to have the opportunity to express my opinion.

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