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Dell Customer Complaints

Dell has made its mark in the market share with its different models of computers and printers and its quarterly profits speak for themselves. But when it comes to customer service, the company has been facing a certain number of bad reviews and complaints. In the recent few months, different complaints have been recorded against various models of Dell computers.

Mike Guerin, a Dell customer who had purchased Dimension 8100 faced certain problems in the machine which was still under the warranty period. During his work on it, the computer failed to turn on. To get the problem resolved, he spent several hours trying to talk to different service technicians but his complaint was unheeded by the representatives. Finally, he was told by a representing technician that he would receive the spare parts for his computer model through a shipment from Dell. However, that was the last correspondence that was made with Dell as he never received any shipment or any help from them.

Another complaint on the same line was from a different customer. His model was Dimension 8300. He faced problems with the software and after consultation with the company was advised to reinstall the operating system. Reinstallation resulted in loss of hard disk space, monitor failure to work and several other such problems. The customer reported his complaint to the company several times but his efforts were in vain. He stated in his review that "Customer care should be customer, DONT care."

Gerard Clear, another customer who wanted to buy Dimension 2400, rang up the company to get a particular model of the Dell printer and computer range. His name and address were noted down by one of the operators. On persistent attempts in trying to contact the operator, his calls were constantly forwarded to the operator's voice mail. Finally, it was only after he left a message threatening the operator that he would report to the head of the department, that he got a call from the operator. But to the customers' surprise, he never heard from the company after the last call. He tried to voice his complaint to the general manager of the company but got no response for his queries. After the frustration and bad experience with the company, he decided to drop the plan of buying a Dell machine.

Terri, a customer who purchased a model of Dimension Inspiron 2650 had to face a different problem. Whenever he would try to switch the system on, it would freeze displaying a long ragged tag of red color at the bottom of the screen. He tried calling the Dell customer service for help but his problem was not attended to by any customer representative. The customer had earlier purchased three different models of computers from the company and experienced the same problem with them all. He recently purchased Dimension Inspiron 8500 and is still facing the same problem with this model and ended up giving a bad review to the company. One consumer in his review has this to say about of Dell computer models "in the past five years, I purchased four Dell Dimension computers. I will never buy another and will strive to convince others to do the same."

This Article is written by James Kara Murat from PrintCountry.com, the contributor of Printer Ink Cartridge Articles. A longer version of this article is located at Dell Customer Complaints, and related resources can be found at PrintCountry FAQ.

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