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Cell Phone Number Portability Explained

So what exactly is cell phone number portability (officially called Wireless Local Number Portability or Wireless LPN)?

Cell Phone Number Portability is an option that a customer has where they can either keep their same cell phone number when changing from one cell phone carrier to another or get a new cell phone number. This only applies when moving within the metropolitan area. If your are moving from state to state or city to city the Wireless LPN does not apply. However some cell phone providers will port your same cell phone number when moving from state to state. Some cell phone providers will also charge a small amount to port your number from your old provider while most providers will provide this service for free. You will have to check with your new cell phone provider if there is a cost for the cell phone number portability. If you do decide to port your number it should only take a few hours for your new cell phone carrier to port your number from your old cell phone provider. It is usually a very seamless process. Some cell phone carriers will also port a land line phone number to your cell phone.

Back in the old days when you changed your cell phone carrier you also HAD to get a new cell phone number. There was not an option to keep your same phone number. This was a big inconvenience for consumers. The new Wireless Local Number Portability is a great feature that should be taken advantage of. Now when you change cell phone providers you donít have to give your new cell phone number out to all of your friends and family. It is such a hassle first to remember to tell all of your friends and family that you have a new phone number and second actually letting everybody know your new number. What if you forget to tell some of your friends and family? Then they will never know your new phone number and will not be able to get a hold of you. Thatís why this new cell phone number portability is so great. You will never have to worry about telling your friends and family about your new number. They will already have your cell phone number.

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