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Another Lawsuit Against Amazon: Author April McDonald Sues Amazon for $10.5M

Another lawsuit against Leading online book, CD and DVD seller; Amazon. Apparently, they purchased a small time company located in South Carolina named Booksurge, which has numerous complaints against them. Well they've been hit with another lawsuit from someone who takes pride in their career.

This author decided to take a stand after a year of unacceptable behavior by Booksurge and Amazon, she states "I have been very patient with both Booksurge and Amazon, I have tried to reason with them by phone and email and it seems they just don't give a damn and I must admit that I am appalled with the customer service that I had received from Amazon, as well."

April McDonald is suing Amazon for 10.5 million dollars and its vanity press, Book Surge, claiming that the book was full of typos and other errors.

"This was part of a take-off to a writing career that could have been destroyed, in my opinion," McDonald said. "It took immense amounts of work, and I'm very disappointed with my experience. I have had problems with unreported sales. Delayed shipment and continuous issues with royalties (breach of contract).

Until she releases her next book, (not through Booksurge) she has requested that her book entitled Sex, Lies and Consequences be removed from all sale portals to save her writing career.

Martin Hayes

Source: www.a1articles.com