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Items to Note when Hiring a Customer Service Rep

When hiring a customer service rep, if you keep the interview light you will never find if the person you are interviewing is great for the job.

By interjecting a situation with your interview you will see how they will react if a problem should arise. Do not hesitate to sit them in a near by room and do a mock situation. This will better aid you in you quest for the right person.

If this person is to deal with the customer such as in a store situation, you should have them help a mock customer, as in a person to person. In this you should be very choosy and be able to create a little discomfort for your interview, this way you can tell if they will hold or fold under pressure.

In this day and age no one likes to be put on hold. It just prolongs all unpleasant situations. It draws them out and by the time the rep gets back on the line the customer is yelling. A good customer service rep will take the required info and call back the customer. If you call back within an hour then the customer is likely to be calmer.

By implementing this method with all your customer service reps, the call back method you are sure to take care of business in a more efficient matter. This then makes way for the customer service rep to gather all the info needed to present and help the customer.

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