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A Review on Ellington Ceiling Fans

Whenever there is a mention of stylish personalized and elegant ceiling fans for home décor, the first name that comes to our mind is the Ellington Ceiling fans.

They were established almost 25 years ago and within a short span of time with the help of a strong staff they have been able to make a mark of their own in the field of ceiling fans.

These ceiling fans are not the discount fans or the typical functional basic model fans. The Ellington fan models are positioned to target the Upper Class requirement for having a ceiling fan which is a style statement.

Having a designer ceiling fan does not mean giving up on the functional efficiency. On the contrary adding a lethal combination of aesthetics and functionality is what makes Ellington Ceiling fans very unique in the market.

There are four broad categories to choose from.

These are:

  1. Traditional set of ceiling fans. The more ethnic kind of ceiling fans.
  2. Then we have the classic category
  3. After that we have the modern ceiling fans. These are the contemporary fans with a more new look giving that added style to your home décor.
  4. And finally the construction group of fans. These are light glass combined fans.
Ellington has shown a stand out performance in terms of bringing new design to foray. There are others which are equally good like the Hunter fans, Hugger fans and the Westinghouse ceiling fans.

With this we come to the end of this article. Aim of this article is to briefly describe the branded ceiling fans and their differentiating factors.

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