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RV Recreational Vehicles and Kansas

Most people do not realize how big Kansas is until they try to drive through it. Kansas is one of the largest states and it takes a day or more to drive across in an RV. But what most people do not realize is that there is a lot to see in Kansas. If you are into aviation there are two extremely excellent air museums in Kansas. One is a liberal Kansas; The Mid America Air Museum. The other great museum is in Wichita, Kansas at the airport, lots of history there.

While you are in Wichita, Kansas you will like to check out their old brick city area, as it has been completely redesigned and is a fun tourist place. The Riverwalk in Wichita, Kansas is also spectacular. I also have to recommend Dodge City, Kansas and their museums as well. Dodge city Kansas has a lot of historical value for our country and you can tell when you visit.

Topeka Kansas is the capital of Kansas and the Capitol building is quite impressive and there are several museums in Topeka. Then as you head towards Kansas City you will not believe the size of Kansas City.

It goes on forever and you must stop in at the local chamber of commerce and pick yourself up a map of all the things you can see. You should also plan to stay there for at least three weeks in Kansas City so you can see all the sites as they are too numerous to mention. Please consider all this in 2006.

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