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Tucson Real Estate

Tucson real estate is flourishing, and it's easy to see why. Tucson is known for having ideal weather - it has a sunny, dry climate that makes it very attractive not only for tourists, but for people looking to settle.


The boom in Tucson real estate started in 2004, when total sales volume of homes in the vicinity increased by a little more than 55 percent. In the same year, the number of residential units alone rose from around 960 in November to a whopping 1,200 only one month later. Tucson real estate deals are also closed a lot faster than the time it takes to close a deal in other states. In fact, nearly 60 percent of homes in the Tucson area get sold within 30 days after it is listed. This is attributable to the fact that most Tucson homes are considered to be very good deals for buyers; the city is very livable, and the people are very accommodating.

The trend carried on in 2005 and will probably carry way into 2006, especially because the Tucson economy has become conducive to young families, recent graduates and even retirees. A lot of aggressive buyers and investors are taking advantage of the drift and are staring to put their money into Tucson real estate, which is predicted to be very profitable.

Preparing to buy

It?s a good idea to consult expert Tucson real estate agents if you are looking to buy property in the area. Most real estate agencies offer free consultation to allow you to see the costs of real estate in the area, what loan options are available to you, relocation advice etc. As an added service, some agencies even offer free one-time cleaning services for your new Tucson home.

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