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Sussex Farmland A Goldmine for the Land Investors

Sussex Farmland and Sussex agricultural land would appear to be the same commodity. Infect, they bear the same relationship as a Greenbelt and Greenfield land.

Sussex Farmland includes agricultural land. Another term used for agricultural land is 'bareland', meaning that is farm land for sale with no buildings or residencies attached. There is, for example, a difference in the price for 'bareland' and farmland. The RICS rural land market survey in 2004 showed that the average price of 'bareland' across the UK was just over 7,000 per hectare, whilst the price of farm land was nearly 10,000.

There are Sussex Farmlands for sale 'hot' spots in terms of demand. Unsurprisingly, the southeast has the highest percentage of non-farmer individuals wishing to purchase farmland. A staggering 75% of sales in the southeast during August to September 2004, where not farmers. 62% were private individuals or investors, 6% were Institutional Investors, 6% were developers and 1% were miscellaneous purchasers. Compare this with Yorkshire and Humberside, 65% of buyers were agricultural but still 33% were non-farmer individuals.

Apart from being a heaven for investors Sussex Farmland is known for its beautiful historical buildings as well. The historical buildings are not just old houses or farm houses, many of them are old Palaces of Kings and Knights.

The author is a Land Expert based in the UK.

Source: www.articledashboard.com