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Vista - Right Way To Go?

Vista... What can I say about Vista? For one it has a nicer look than Windows XP, but looks aren't everything, sadly, but you can also get a program called Vista Transformation to make Xp look like Vista. Vista also has a nice search application, but as many Mac users would say "Mac had that years ago". I used Windows Vista for around 2 months.

The whole time I felt like I was trying to balance myself on a ball. Feeling as if it would crash any second. One wrong move and I'm done for. I felt safe on XP... maybe safe isn't the right word to use while talking about Microsoft. Maybe I should say I feel safer on Windows Xp.

Vista has had a number of problems with drivers not being available for certain programs. This will hopefully be figured out by the time SP1 (Service Pack 1) comes out for Vista later this year (2007) which I think by then or hopefully before then it will be figured out.

At this point many people that I've spoken with that own or at least have used Vista have said it was a terrible time. The 90% of them have uninstalled Vista and installed another operating system or have downgraded back to XP.

One day...a day that will soon be upon us Microsoft will soon not support Xp and then we will all have to give into buy Vista. Some of us might not, we might give into Steve Jobs and buy a Mac, and then again we might go for Linux. For those of you who only know of Mac and Windows there is an OS that is 100% Free. Yes, no lie. A free OS.

Though it is different then Windows as you will eventually learn the OS. Until Vista becomes more secure for the normal everyday user I would recommend stay with Windows Xp or whatever you are using currently. So in the end would I use/try Vista again in the future..

Yes, why not, I could use another headache.

Source: www.isnare.com