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Artest Sentenced To Community Service And Counseling

On March 5, 2007, Ron Artest had a fight with his wife and he was charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence. Recently the Sacramento Kings forward pleaded no contest to the charge.

Placer County Superior Court Judge Francis Kearney sentenced Artest to 100 hours of community service and a 10 day work project through the department of county sheriff. Artest was also fine $600 and was ordered to get counseling.

Judge Kearney modified the restraining order that ordered Artest to stay away from his wife Kimsha and three children since the incident happened in March. Artest will now be able to have peaceful contact with his wife and there will be no restrictions on him contacting or meeting his children.

Kimshaís attorney had informed the judge that the Artestís wife id not want the restrictions on contact any longer.

Artest was accused of grabbing, pushing and slapping his wife during an argument and he also stopped her from calling 911. During this incident, Artestís 3 year old daughter was at home.

Artest was charged with corporal injury to a spouse, battery, false imprisonment and trying to stop a witness from reporting a crime. He pleaded no contest to the first charge and all the others were dismissed. However, the dismissed charges could be restored if Artest violates the terms of his three year probation.

Artestís attorney William Portanova said that Artest was extremely happy to see his children and he was ready take any punishment as long as he could be with them.

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